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Cost Advantage
Perfect IT™ offers a fair pricing policy that is affordable to our clients irrespective of their business backgrounds. Perfect IT™ is committed to provide competitive low outsourcing costs to our clients benefited through the employment of local talents resulting in low overall development costs. This favours better investment for quality assurance and thereby the best satisfaction to our customers.

Our pricing plans though very volatile than briefed below can be broadly classified as :

1) Fixed Modular Price Contractual Scheme :- Here the specific requirements assessed modularly by the analysis team are clearly stated and finalized, the company and the clients agree upon a fixed price for the project and a deadline is finalized upon which the company is obliged to complete the project respecting the deadline, and the client is expected to settle all payments before final deployment of the project.

2) Recurring Contract Scheme :- These are implemented usually for projects which require recurring maintenance or updation, customization with time. Here the cumulative cost is not taken into account but periodic support cost is agreed upon between the company and the client. The client is billed upon a timely basis depending upon the span of contract.

* Please do note that the actual price in numerals is never disclosed by the company to any client unless a contact person requests for a quotation from our company, clearly stating the requirements. The above details should provide you with a basic idea of how our pricing policy actually works.


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