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Infrastructure is the foundation on which a strong IT function is built. It is important to not only have the right infrastructure in place, but also manage the infrastructure well to get the best results.

The challenge lies in ensuring that your -

  • Infrastructure meets the desired standards for Security, Reliability &  Availability.
  • Choice of Technology and allied management processes is right.
  • Existing technology infrastructure is performing at optimal levels.
  • Total Cost of Ownership is comparable or even superior to industry benchmarks.
  • Team has the right blend of skill and expertise to maintain the infrastructure domain.

our clients are ensured that they have access to a highly skilled team of designers and application developers.

Our infrastructure includes:

   •    Internet redundancy (3 parallel high speed connections, 512 mbps each)
   •    Scalable Network Architecture & Systems
   •    Scalable Cabling Design
   •    Network Security (Firewall Protection)
   •    Latest Workstations (Intel P4 Machines with Linux & Windows OS)
   •    High-End Servers (Intel Xeon Servers)
   •    Licensed Software
   •    Real Time Virus Protection (Trend Micro and Symantic Norton 2003/2004 Pro)
   •    Regular Data Backup
   •    Disaster Management
   •    Regular Preventive Maintenance on Operating systems and Softwares
   •    24/7/365 Power Availability
   •  Comprehensive Intranet for Project Management, Customer Relationship          Management and Internal Office communication and knowledge sharing.
   •     Network Security, (Firewall Protection) , 24/7/365 Power Availability
   •    Disaster Management
   •    In house imp machinery - spot welding machine, coil winding machine, ultrasonic          cleaning machine, SMD work station
   •    Staff management finger print for attendance, using management software          for work analysis & action plan
   •    Always keep basic stock of all material.
   •    Strong raw material out sourcing.


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