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I am in IT field since from last 15years; I have seen core development PC-XT – AT286 – AT386 – AT 486--------- up to core du P4 processor in hardware In software myself worked in word star4, lotus, fox pro windows ------- web base software’s on dot net base.

First of all I am proud to late Rajiv Gandhi, who introduces IT first time in India , his decision was perfect because mainly more than 100 cores population country with strong agriculture base , in such environment he prefers IT or electronics.

Growth of different It companies (Microsoft, Intel & so ----) Only inadian are playing active role in development. Worldwide Indians having respect In IT field.

My Role models – Late Rajiv Gandhi, Bill gets, Obama, Sachin Tendulkar, and Amitabh Bachchan.

Copy good thing from required personality is not crime, I respect my role model & try to learn maximum good thing from them,

To goes on top respectable top position is extremely tough job but retain same position is like balance rope walk, so my friend , respect family, & be prepare remarkable future plane, Family life & business are two different side of one coin. After balancing family and office environment chances of winning more. Now be preparing for shearing unforgettable experience of business life.

My beloved father has been gone. If there is heaven, I wonder if they are looking down on his kid & feeling proud of what he has accomplished. I hope so. . . .

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