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Product Development

Successful companies have long realized that outsourcing their product or spares support and maintenance to experienced and reliable partners reduces cost and helps them to focus on their core business.

Perfect IT™’ traction in cutting-edge technology solutions helps our clients to develop any mechanical product with a lengthier shelf-life of applications with minimum maintenance and support practical requirements.

As your trusted partner, Perfect IT™ brings world-class processes, personnel, and global expertise in product maintenance and support, and best practices to enhance the value of your application portfolio. We reduce your costs through a unique combination of industry specific focus, expertise, technology knowledge and global delivery.

Product development procedure -

  1. Analysis of material used in original product
  2. Technical design of Product with tool specification
  3. Dies making process
  4. sample With molding machine
  5. Reverse engineering design process for Compatible molding sample
  6. changes under reverse engineering tests
  7. delivered sample to client

In all product development we follow ISO rules & regulations in practical implications.

Our customers are happy because for small problem in any mechanical part, not necessary to change entire part, we suggest to replace parts like any notch, spring, pins , washer, taping. All of such parts replacement we give proper training either through web camera or live process. From different countries we are getting good support in such type of development.

Every one of us is experiencing today’s global economy is highly demanding, customers are expecting the best, but are willing to pay the least in every walk of life. This attitude forces us to reduce operational costs and produce the highest quality . .

The unique value that Perfect IT™ brings in product development is speed. We accelerate application development with our Rapid Application Development methodology and use of reusable components from our component library. By following a rigorous and proven methodology of defining, designing and developing different projects, we turn project concepts into reality

So my respected customers, please come to our R & D work shop for cup of tea & to share unique experience of business.

Trust me, we will bring changes which opposes recession effect of world economy, mainly through proven unique solutions.



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